Beautiful accessories for your girl? Not at any cost

The accessories market for children is flooded today with beautiful jewelry and cheap prices, and this makes us tempted
Easily buy
We see product safety as a supreme value, so we took the beads for a thorough lab test
At the Standards Institute in Be'er Sheva. Until we did not receive confirmation that the material was free of metals we did not set out !! Small children also put jewelry into their mouth and they must be checked well before they are sold in stores

What contaminants found in jewelry and what their health effects are

  • lead: Exposure to lead can lead to a variety of adverse health effects, including behavioral problems and learning problems. Lead damages the nervous system and cognitive development. Embryos and small children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of lead. In the medical literature there are reports of morbidity and mortality among children as a result of ingestion of pieces of jewelry with high lead content.
  • Cadmium: Cadmium exposure can cause impaired kidney function and damage to the bones. Studies have shown that Cadmium is affected by cognitive development in children.
Please do not be tempted to buy cheap and later it costs dearly

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