From a nightmare flight to a dream flight

My entire social networking tap is painted with Greek-scented sea colors and I just broke a plate in the kitchen because the boy almost crushed my child ... a two-month-old baby and a two-year-old boy who does not understand how small and gentle she is

Anyway, I remembered our flight together only three of us a year ago. The grown-up did not have a seat, and I and my partner on the turn made me happy to keep quiet and sleep, especially hard work, and there was pressure in my ears and it hurt.

I felt a flight. Every move of the plane we feared that the child who would finally fall asleep would wake up

As I walked back and forth along the narrow aisles of the plane, I thought what could be done? We have to look for something to deal with that will give us some quiet to pass the long flight hours and give him an interesting solution that will relieve the pain and go down

From the next flight I no longer had this problem

The chain of IMA
It is a solution to our flight problems
The shapes and colors of the necklace interest the baby in repetitive play,
The bite of the chain relieves the pain of air pressure in the landings and landings

And it makes it easier to feed the baby because it keeps it focused on the chain

I wish you all a dream flight and not a nightmare flight!

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