ima jewelry is two years old

Time flew flying because of August 17 I did not write anything on the blog
I am a mother to 2 plus a two year old business plus a pregnant stomach so who has time to sit and share with someone what is happening to me and the business
A few drips in Pace and InStagram but it's also tiring and happens once a week at best
But the desire to share and renew all the time exists and summarize a whole year in everything that happened and what is to happen ..... I wrote earlier and mistakenly deleted that the picture was great immediately so write again and time again pushed and intervened and shows me that the collection time has come.
So thank you 2018 for teaching me a lot about myself and running a business in the new year I'm planning something great that will require me to share with you all the time
I decided that as a mother who decided to run an independent business in parallel with the full maintenance of a family with a lot of laundry I want to open a community of a social mother
A mother who buys from Mama everything she has to sell - whether it's a knowledge or a product she designs
That way we can support each other and strengthen mothers who also want this push for economic independence
Keep up to date and keep up-to-date with everything that's coming up in the new community and of course in new designs that I'm designing for you
Let us have a good year and a productive writer

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