About IMA

Welcome to my store :)
My name is Sivan Wolfovitz, daughter of 38, mother of Lavi Maya and Nevo
I've worked over 11 years in the Life Style field
With an emphasis on fashion, fashion productions, fashion events and projects with Israeli designers
Since then, I have always found myself drawn to the aesthetics, the beauty of people, color combinations
Photographic angles, virgin locations that no one has yet discovered

After I gave birth to my first son I slowed down my career life. I wanted to look out and see where I am in relation to the world. I found out how to change the rules. Flooding of communication channels, so many places to dialogue, to speak and to consult them. Chabad networksRetinue, gave rise to new stars, star correspondent and lifestyle. I asked myself where I am all in this new world. Do I relate to culture Hliikim and exposure for my personal life. Anyway, I chose not to start a blog and
Not to upload updated status sheets about my life, I chose to observe and learn from the sidelines

The silicon chains discovered in New York at the airport waiting for our flight back to Israel, Passover 2016. Son crawled on the carpet Terminal and played with a beautiful baby girl waiting for a flight. The baby's mother necklace colorful and interesting attracted my attention. When I asked her, she said she got the necklace as a gift to a sister who lives in Australia and she may bite-friendly material for babies. She showed me how her daughter enjoys messing with chain and a connection is created between them thanks to this special item. The story excited me very much and made me return to Israel and to further explore the silicon chains industry and their popularity around the world

Today after extensive research, international phone calls, in-depth lab tests, consultations with leading jewelry designers working with designers Arizot- I got it I love. "Mom Jewelry" - both personal design chains, with emphasis on innovative look fashionable and trendy
I gave each chain the name of another of my friends. Every society and every chain has its own character and style

054-7738222 - for important questions

You are invited to wander around our store and be impressed by the background designs of the 60-70 fashion photography collection.

: Some of our designs are available

Nast - Zichron Yaakov

Baby Alma - Tel Yitzhak

Mother Earth Center - Hod Hasharon

"Ma'averet" A store for maternity clothes - Givatayim Mall

(Nitzana 8 Tel Aviv) Noga Complex - Joeyroom - Original House Bed

Sheinkin Tel Aviv