Jordan - Breastfeeding Chain
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An original birth gift, a fashionable necklace for a mother, a silcon chain, a bum
This is my first niece
It is so special and captivating as the new model
Jordan is also an old company that we have recently re-established
She is mesmerizing and intelligent as the model above
A combination of white colored beads with small black dots combined with beads
Light gray
The combination of colors is very chic and monochromatic
Suitable for almost all colors you choose

Fashionable and functional chain for both mom and baby
Suitable for daytime and evening entertainment
Adds the right touch to any style
While you know that the product is safe and fun for your little one
The beads are soft and feels nice on the baby gums
Colors chain with soft touch material develop the curiosity baby

** The material was approved by the Israel Standards Institute
And you can put it in your baby's mouth
* Wearing on the mother alone

* Easy to clean (just wash with water and mild soap)
You can also put in the dishwasher

* Creates tactile ads and helps focus on time 
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